• Summary

     Although slow moving, a sniper's ability to stay behind the front lines effectively makes him bullet-proof.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • Snipers are good alternative to Stinger Gunner for Anti-Air plus can shoot at ground targets. Use with shorter range fighters such as Riflemen to layer ahead of and protect. Sniper's can take out many targets from behind a layer of Riflemen or short-range armor. At higher levels Sniper can take out Infantry Units such as Mortarman without shield but not good idea vs Armor Units
  • Defensive Strategy
  • Good at guarding towers behind other units. Also good at making battalions harder to take out but use wisely they have a longer repair time than most other Infantry Units.

Preferred Target Attack Type Army Space Splash
Infantry Ground & Air 85


Level Health DPS Range Speed Research Cost (Fuel / Supplies) Research Time Production Cost (Fuel / Supplies) Production Time Repair Speed
1 700 700 277 1.70 1.8m 1.9m 2d 10k 8.1k 1h 4m 100%


730 825 281 1.70 1.5m 1.6m 1d 5m 12.6k 9.5k 1h 4m 118%
3 760 835 281 1.70 2m 2.3m 1d 10h 17.2k 12.1k 1h 4m 118%
4 790 835 289 1.70 3.1m 3.4m 2d 9h 22k 14.2k 1h 4m 118%
5 820 955 289 1.70 4.7m 5.1m 2d 18h 28k 15.8k 1h 4m 118%
6 850 955 297 1.70 7m 7.6m 3d 20h 38.1 18.9k 1h 4m 118%
7 880 1,077 297 1.70 8.8m 9m 5d 11h 41k 24.1k 1h 4m 118%
8 910 1,104 305 1.70 12m 13m 6d 23h 50k 32.1k 1h 4m 118%

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