• Summary

     The M224 Mortar is a long-range, slow firing weapon that deals damage in an area around the impact site.

  • Offensive Strategy
  • With their high damage and splash, mix them with your other infantry units to make an effective strike force.
  • Contrary to what the unit card says, the mortar man's range is short compared to the riflemen, which makes them vulnerable against fast, medium ranged, rapid fire units. But if they get in position, they can one-hit most infantry units and light vehicles.
  • Defensive Strategy
  • Mixed with your other base defenders, they will make sure to give any attacking force a hard time (Just make sure they are also protected by riflemen so that air units won't just pick 'em off)

Preferred Target Attack Type Army Space Splash
Infantry Ground Only 25


Level Health DPS Range Speed Research Cost (Fuel / Supplies) Research Time Production Cost (Fuel / Supplies) Production Time Repair Speed
1 455 290 166 1.70 N/A N/A N/A 605 355 51s 100%


480 290 173 1.70 3k 3k 30m 50s 787 462 52s 100%
3 505 325 173 1.70 5k 5k 49m 20s 1k 600 54s 118%
4 530 325 187 1.70 8k 9k 1h 18m 1k 780 55s 118%
5 555 360 187 1.70 13k 14k 2h 6m 2k 1k 57s 118%
6 580 360 201 1.70 22k 24k 3h 22m 2k 1k 58s 118%
7 605 395 201 1.70 36k 39k 5h 23m 3k 2k 1m 118%
8 630 395 215 1.70 59k 65k 8h 37m 4k 2k 1m 1s 118%

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