• Summary

     Equipped with the M240B, the Machine Gunner has a higher rate of attack and deals more damage than the Rifleman at the expense of reduced accuracy.

  • Offensive Strategy
  • Basically the commando of your army, they can make easy work of ANY infantry unit and light armored vehicles. But their short range makes them vulnerable against long range units and ineffective against turrets.
  • With their rapid-fire capability, a squad can make quick raids on the vulnerable parts of your enemy's base.
  • Defensive Strategy
  • Mix them with your base defenders to give the enemy a hard time and a lot of casualties.

Preferred Target Attack Type Army Space Splash
Infantry Ground Only 30


Level Health DPS Range Speed Research Cost (Fuel / Supplies) Research Time Production Cost (Fuel / Supplies) Production Time Repair Speed
1 435 350 204 1.80 N/A N/A N/A 1.8k 1k 3m 22s 100%


470 350 207 1.80 7k 7.6k 58m 20s 2.3k 1.3k 3m 22s 100%
3 505 430 207 1.80 9.9k 11.6k 1h 25m 3k 1.7k 3m 22s 118%
4 530 430 213 1.80 18.3k 19.4k 1h 57m 3.8k 2.1k 3m 22s 118%
5 575 510 213 1.80 26.4k 29.8k 2h 45m 4.9k 2.7k 3m 22s 118%
6 600 510 219 1.80 45.1k 48.1k 3h 52m 6k 3.4k 3m 22s 118%
7 635 590 219 1.80 71k 80k 5h 17m 8k 4.4k 3m 22s 118%
8 680 590 225 1.80 114k 126k 7h 15m 10k 5.7k 3m 22s 118%

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