• L1: Assault
  • L2: NorthEast 3x Mortarman, 4x Rifleman, 2x Machine Gunner, 2x Elite Truck Bomb;
  • L3: Assault
  • L4:
    • NorthEast 2x Elite Truck Bomb, 1x HMMWV, 6x Rifleman;
    • North 2x Elite Truck Bomb, 3x Machine Gunner;
    • West 1x Javelin Gunner;
  • L5:
    • NorthWest 2x HMMWV, 2x Mortarman, 1x Machine Gunner, 3x Javelin Gunner;
    • SouthWest 2x Mortarman, 2x Javelin Gunner, 2x Kiowa, 3x Machine Gunner, 4x Rifleman;
    • SouthWest 4x Mortarman, 1x Kiowa, 1x GAZ Tigr
  • L6:
    • North 2x HMMWV, 2x Mortarman, 2x Machine Gunner, 2x Rifleman;
    • East 1x M1064A3, 2x Kiowa, 1x Elite Gaz Tigr, 2x Rifleman;
    • South 2x Elite Truck Bomb, 1x Cobra, 2x Machine Gunner, 2x Javeline Gunner;
    • NorthEast 2x Elite Truck Bomb, 1x Machine Gunner
  • L7: Assault

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