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Defensive buildings consist of: Heavy Machine Gun Tower, Mortar Emplacement, TOW Emplacement, HESCO Barrier, FASCAM and Minefield.

HESCO Barriers: Sand bags to make wall around the base. These do not attack but block they path of all units except for air, however they can be quickly destroyed to pass through. They cost a lot of ressource to upgrade. You will learn from other NPC enemies that a effective way to dispose them is to guide enemy unit to trap and guard - Like in corner or parallel or square.

Mortar Emplacement: Your first active defense. This can only target land but it is quite strong to make up for it's small range and vulnerability to air. It is very hard hitting and try not to place your kids too close to it. Select it to move and you will see the range.

Heavy Machine Gun Tower: This tower can target both air and land. It is very effective against both, destroying most things very quickly. The easiest way to destroy this tower is with artillery units such as the M1064A3 Mortar and the M109 Paladin.

Level Statistics:

  1. DPS: ?, Range: ?, Fuel Cost: ?, Suply Cost: ?, Power: ?
  2. DPS: 470, Range: 342, Fuel Cost: ?, Suply Cost: ?, Power: 28
  3. DPS: 520, Range: 347, Fuel Cost: 21.2k, Suply Cost: 16.7k, Power: 50

Minefield: These only damage units when something comes too close.You can either place an Anti-Infantry mine, Anti-Armour mines and Anti-Air mines. Produced in the weapons factory. Very usefull against AI enemy but useless against human player if not regularly moved.

TOW Emplacement: This is a missile system targeting only land. It is also quite hard hitting as the Mortar Emplacement is. It is an improvement of the Mortar Emplacement. A famous anti-armour weapon.

FASCAM: These monstrous contraptions target only land. However they have gigantic range, and they incinerate anything that comes into their range in a short time. However if your infantry is protected with FASCAM shields they become much less of a problem.

M777 Howitzer: Kind of fixed artillery with longer range than mortar.

M45 Quadmount: Simple big machine gun.

C-RAM Anti-air Turret: Best build in center. It shoot down missiles and aircrafts. A good protection against other players.

conclusion: Each defense work best coupled with guard and another kind defense. Early combination often see mortar and tower with anti-artillery troopers.

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