BRDM-3 zpsa38eb22e

"The russian vehicle launches indendiary napalm rockets. Targets catch fire when hit, and continue to take damage while burning."

  • Summary

     Superior technology defeats even the most intricate tactical strategies. To gain an unfair advantage against his opponents, Maximilien hired mercenary mechanics to develop a savage new napalm weapon to rain fire upon his enemies. Incendiary weapons reduce an enemy’s vulnerable supporting structures to ashes. Infantry can’t take the heat. Fire is natural but deadly. To mobilize his new weapon, Maximilien uses stolen blueprints to retrofit the Soviet BRDM-3 (Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicles). These powerful vehicles upgrade to level 10 and have low consumption space in comparison to their brute destructive power to give Maximilien a force ratio advantage over his opponents. Defeat the cult forces and conquer all of Maximilien's bases to steal his new weapon and take the flaming technological upper hand in your next engagement. The time is now – don’t stand by.

  • Offensive Strategy
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  • Defensive Strategy
    • [Insert Defensive Strategies Here]

Preferred Target Attack Type Army Space Splash
Infantry / Buildings Ground Only 95


Level Health DPS Range Speed Research Cost (Fuel / Supplies) Research Time Production Cost (Fuel / Supplies) Production Time Repair Speed
1 2,450 850 270 2.5 234k 294k 11h 30m 24k 30k 3h 3m 100%
2 2,500 900 280 2.5 393k 446k 1d 5h 28k 35k 3h 11m 118%
3 2,550 930 280 2.5 598k 652k 1d 9h 31k 40k 3h 18m 118%
4 2,600 950 280 2.5 804k 858k 1d 13h 35k 44k 3h 26m 118%
5 2,650 950 290 2.6 1m 1.1m 1d 19h  39k 49k 3h 33m 118%
6 2,700 1,000 290 2.6 1.2m 1.3m 2d 2h 42k 54k 3h 41m 118%
7 2,750 1,000 300 2.6 1.4m 1.5m 2d 9h 46k 59k 3h 48m 118%
8 2,800 1,050 300 2.7 1.6m 1.7m 2d 15h 49k 64k 3h 55m 118%
9 2,850 1,100 310 2.7 1.9m 1.9m 2d 17h 51k 67k 4h 3m 118%
10 2,900 1,150 315 2.7 2.1m 2.1m 2d 21h 52k 68k 4h 10m 118%

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